The Showhole 26: Judge Judy Reaction Show

Recorded 10/24/2017


(From now on, the Holenotes will be a list of the contenders we considered for the episode title, in final judgment order!)

1st place: Judge Judy Reaction Show

2nd place: All my legal pleadings are covered in glitter

3rd place: In some ways you're the oldest one here

4th place: I thought you were an attack cat!

5th place: Don't be like Billy. He fell off the truck!

Honorable mention: Tootsie Pops in my drawer

The Showhole 25: Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Recorded 10/8/2017


  • In a metaphorical sense
  • Busted a wishbone
  • I meant to spit it out and it is sticking to my body. We're good.
  • I speak Celsius
  • The Nashville version of Guardians of the Galaxy
  • I'm edgy and tough
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • Letterkenny
  • They were moving me in and out of the tube
  • Grease me out
  • Is that from your goth album?
  • It was a six to seven inch
  • Partying with clowns
  • The caulifolwer just hit
  • The clown persona
  • The best Tom Petty tribute that's been given all week
  • The Pumpkin Spice Latte's of Gordon Lightfoot songs
  • Very popular in Cleveland
  • No one admits to going to Detroit
  • The Podcasting Grandpa
  • He has a special relationship with cooking hams
  • Share your PGP key so we know it's you
  • Right before this podcast, I had a two flusher
  • Dirty Chinese Restaurant
  • Dirty Dim Sum
  • So bad for you. So good. 

the showhole 0024: it's fun when we get meta!

Recorded 9/18/2017


·        Show us your burrito

·        It’s always on a Friday

·        I’m in therapy now. Again.

·        Classic steak

·        I’m sorry you lost your job or whatever but this is a really good burrito

·        Look at you with your job privilege!

·        Have you thought about applying at the morgue?

·        The wrong usage of your

·        Where does it say “not a sex thing”

·        No time for anything sexy

·        Brad Nails

·        This is like a bizarre game of Would You Rather

·        This topic is depressing

·        Just another Easter at Jason’s house!

·        Harbinger is a great word

·        We’ll give the apocalypse another chance

·        No one’s gonna listen!

·        It’s every two weeks-ish

·        Making those mouth holes – that had to be pretty tough

·        I assure you – I was NOT a tester

·        Pee all over like cats

·        It was a lot of feces, man!

·        That’s how you should have left your job

·        He was forced to do cocaine

·        You don’t want to be rude

·        Our usual Christmas usually ends with a cock fight

·        Some sort of weird Festivus

·        I bet there’s a girl named Autumn Mix

·        It was educational

·        It’s a good thing the world’s ending on September 23rd

·        Pull a Pew Die Pie

·        Sexbots on Twitter

·        People are terrible

·        Professional wind instrument person

·        Little tiny air horn

·        I don’t see blood. It’s cool.

·        Computers came ahead of the sex

·        Pizza based erotica

·        It does look like a bug

·        I know my kids toys

·        The new ones aren’t as exciting as the old 1970’s version

·        The number one show with bots

·        Pornbots love us!

·        It’s fun when we get meta

·        That sounds like him

·        Something was pretty Airwolf

·        Dodging missiles

·        You done got the consumption!

·        Ya’ll got that anthrax up there in Canada?

·        You never see people at Waffle House get anthrax

·        Syrup chuggin’

·        Gentlemen

·        Lady

·        Fifteen minutes after Columbo

·        Jessica Fletcher/Columbo fan fiction

·        Bookmark that for later

·        How bad could it be?

·        aliencg69

·        Pornhub reptilians

·        Reptilian lust

the showhole 0023: frost me, tony!

Recorded 8/31/2017

Holenote A:

Holenote B:

I seem to be in a bit of a jam here please help. My cursor is on the right side of my monitor screen and I'm needing to get it to the left side in order to click on this box, but my mouse is all the way to the left side of the mouse pad and I cant go any further left without the mouse falling completely off the pad. Any suggestions ? 

Holenote C:

Other Interests: Music, Reading, Graphic Novels, Concerts, Computer Programming, Sex

Holenote D:

Holenote E:

Holenote F:

Episode Cover:

the showhole 0022: it's better than it smells

Recorded 8/14/2017


  • It sounds disgusting but it's delicious
  • I'm deliriously exhausted
  • It does look like a burrito
  • YAY!
  • I can't abandon my horn like that
  • Pull the pin!
  • I wasn't even high yet
  • The real truth about A Christmas Carol
  • The contents have been expanding in the bag
  • Moon Pie virgin
  • Sure you can have her. Thanks for the pig!
  • We're gonna play it live
  • The highly random Laverne Cox
  • Leafly
  • I'm good at sitting in judgment
  • Expired chips! My favorite!
  • It wasn't the best website
  • Good spice
  • Stabby and vengeful
  • This is a family show
  • Bob's your uncle
  • Cornholio, King of the Bungholes!
  • Mine's a lame one
  • You're the filthiest of us all! Congratulations!
  • Did I do that? Nope. My carp is here!
  • Brent runs hot
  • Podcasting sex dungeon
  • Where I'm thinking of using it
  • Living down the shame
  • A box of wine and a putty knife