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Remember how The Showhole was the after show for another podcast that no longer exists? Well, now the after show has an after show. This is The Discharge.

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1464765 2019-10-11T02:37:21Z 2019-10-11T07:23:52Z The Showhole 55: Touchin' Nuts to Couch


tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1441593 2019-08-06T01:56:52Z 2019-08-29T14:58:29Z The Showhole 54: Shootout at the Instrumentation Company


tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1416584 2019-06-05T01:33:43Z 2019-06-05T01:33:43Z The Showhole 53: The Old Gum Job



  • Wet Like a Denture Cup
  • Keep Eatin' Those Chips
  • Shouldn't cost a lot to get drunk
  • There's not a quota around here
  • He doesn't have clean pays
  • Probiotic Gummies
  • Floaty Drink Holder
  • Podcasts are sooooo boring!
  • Grown Ass Storycast
  • He has dentures!
  • Dental prophylactic
  • The Old Gum Job
  • Do you know what we could put in those holes?
  • Slipping them to my enemies
  • Milton Berle's Penis
  • I like your pussy, Brent
  • Your grandma's filthy?
  • Imply that I like to nap
  • Weird, dumb numbers
  • You drank my teeth!
  • Beer Olympian
  • Snack Mule
  • Velour and hats
  • I'd come out ahead with the insurance fraud
  • Please don't touch my fence
  • We know you voted Republican

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1398770 2019-04-17T01:32:11Z 2019-04-17T01:32:11Z The Showhole 52: Box Wine and Love Tips

WE HAVE RETURNED! Well, most of us. Jasen isn't as good at writing titles, so the title is the best one.

Here are the only other runners up:

Time Release Bacon

She's Got Feelers Out

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1379065 2019-02-27T02:42:12Z 2019-02-27T02:42:14Z The Showhole 51: Suds N Chunks


Lather up and join us for some fine international podcasting!

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1363800 2019-01-16T03:08:39Z 2019-01-16T03:08:40Z The Showhole 50: Foam at the Butt



At the beginning of this episode, we present a segment titled "Just the tip" for your listening pleasure.

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1345861 2018-11-20T19:18:31Z 2018-11-20T19:18:31Z The Showhole 49: Jerk-A-Doodle-Doo


It's almost Thanksgiving here so here's something to be thankful for. This episode features a special, very brief appearance by one of the hosts of Gapage.

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1340673 2018-11-06T03:02:48Z 2018-11-06T03:02:49Z The Showhole 48: Brick Layin' at the Border


Here's the cure to your Election Day blues - an all-new, all hands on deck episode of The Showhole!

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1330435 2018-10-09T03:08:14Z 2018-10-09T03:08:15Z The Showhole 47: Cheerful Knifing


It's Thanksgiving. Somewhere. And this is our gift to you.

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1320534 2018-09-11T02:00:44Z 2018-09-11T02:00:44Z The Showhole 46: Pounded In The Butt By My Own Birthday


Alternate titles considered:

  • Burrito sex
  • Leroy Jenkins!
  • Old Man Crossfit
  • Hot Sauce Hiccups
  • Howling Cat Situation
  • Sodium Blast

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1313742 2018-08-21T02:21:37Z 2018-08-21T02:21:37Z The Showhole 45: Aggressively Mediocre


tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1309805 2018-08-07T01:30:58Z 2018-08-07T01:30:58Z The Showhole 44: Anarchist Trading Post


Important relationship stuff--Pornhub content

I was going to get them for Brent because it's all of the licking

Loaded hotdog, which sounded kind of gross

Mmmm, that's potent

They've got a pea-like aftertaste

5 minutes is actually a big overshot

"B Positive Mingle", I'm a universal donor for love
tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1301170 2018-07-09T00:35:17Z 2018-07-09T00:35:18Z The Showhole 43: They Love Fonts (Live at MMPR 2018)


Recorded live in Hamilton, Ontario at MMPR 2018 featuring Jasen, Stephanie, Brent and Brandy! A special bonus clip not heard at the live show but also recorded at MMPR follows the live segment.

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1295395 2018-06-19T01:37:09Z 2018-06-19T01:37:09Z The Showhole 42: Too Hot for Cat Pants


Our last episode until MMPR!


  • Snack-size Ziplocs
  • I'll show you what looks like a scrotum
  • I had to turn off my rice (Finalist for episode title)
  • Deflate the bounce house!
  • Human steamrollers
  • Several children beat me pretty severly
  • I was also injured on the Slip 'N Slide®
  • Kid prisons
  • Cone of shame
  • I married my brother (Finalist for episode title)
  • Everyone's a cousin. It's fine. (Finalist for episode title)
  • This tastes exactly like a mozzerella stick
  • I've heard antifreeze is delicious
  • Identity thief raccoon (Finalist for episode title)
  • I didn't want to f*ck around
  • Nature's terrible
  • Just a pile of sh*t
  • Too hot for cat pants (Episode title winner!)
  • My calling card is to wax people's genitals to things
  • Jazzle the D (Finalist for episode title)
  • Snag your wang
  • Waterproof....sack
  • Does Tom Selleck lick p*ssy?
  • You can't have a mustache like that and not offer rides (Finalist for episode title)
  • Doesn't even feel like that long / That's what she said
  • I want my whole undercarriage to be a Slip 'N Slide® (Post Show Holenote)
  • Do I have a one and a half? (Post Show Holenote)
  • You should be nervous when you don't have your pants on (Post Show Holenote)
  • Let us all pray for my nuts (Post Show Holenote)

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1291021 2018-06-05T14:48:28Z 2018-06-05T14:48:29Z The Showhole 41: Eat Those Babies



  • Equal butting
  • Eh huh!
  • Your mom is a Juggalette?
  • A whiff of dill
  • Right in that dill hole
  • The hot dogs of cigarettes
  • Slurpin' for Candice (Finalist for episode title)
  • The only library in town
  • Pokemon and Boys (Finalist for episode title)
  • Are you sure you don't have a demon?
  • Suction action (Finalist for episode title)
  • Demonic hutch (Finalist for episode title)
  • Probably demons
  • Just enough to feel the devils touch
  • You will get your toes licked
  • Tears spring to my eyes
  • Eat Those Babies (Episode title winner!)
  • I am covered in chip dust. You don't want to hold my hand.
  • Grillz for the Lord
  • Look at this d*ck, Bart! (Finalist for episode title)
  • Bart after dark
  • Match the socks to my crotch
  • What Pantone is my d*ck hair? (Finalist for episode title)
  • It's not like we were pounding it
  • A bag in her purse ready to go
  • We're going to get married in front of the No Dumping sign
  • Satanic Starsky and Demonic Hutch
  • Leather sex couch (Post Show Holenote)
  • Distribution of couches (Post Show Holenote)
  • Vaguely porny (Post Show Holenote)
  • What shade of pink is this? (Post Show Holenote)

Special Links:

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1286390 2018-05-22T15:19:42Z 2018-05-22T15:19:43Z The Showhole 40: Sometimes People Just Need Bigfoot Porn



  • She'd come to terms with my chip licking
  • This is an oddly shaped pickle
  • Cool as a cuck
  • Former podcaster Candice
  • I'm lost in this chip. It's so f***in good!
  • So many fancy hats
  • Green Batman villian
  • You're basically Martin Sheen
  • It's Youngstown. Of course it's gunshots.
  • Camping cause I love camping!
  • Cucumber up front
  • Cucumber across the forehead
  • Cucumber in the face
  • Nice cans!
  • Arbour Day
  • 70's bushes
  • It's wider at the base
  • Landing strip trees
  • Pornographic Christmas CD's
  • The place is a sh*thole
  • The real Krampus would go all out
  • Just as good
  • Sometimes people just need killin'
  • What do you have in Canada that will kill you?
  • There's gotta be Bigfoot porn
  • How did this tinsel get in our bed?
  • Look at my hoo hoo. It's awesome!
  • And a check for five cents
  • Underscore underscore
  • The Victoria Day Bigfoot Porn Tragedy

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1281184 2018-05-07T01:39:12Z 2018-05-07T01:39:12Z The Showhole 39: The Zen Level of Embarrassment


A special surprise on a very special episode of The Showhole partially recorded in a pub in Downtown Cleveland!


  • A Q-tip inside your cheek
  • Pretty weird to be a podcaster
  • About a half-hour on the meter
  • There is no such thing as a safe space!
  • The Cheek Puke
  • Here's a gift bag!
  • It's so full!
  • The Zen Level of Embarrassment
  • The bananas are ripe

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1279238 2018-05-01T18:55:13Z 2018-05-01T18:55:13Z The Showhole 38: This is a Bad Show

Recorded 4/30/2018

Condensed Holenotes:

  • He popped his nose off
  • I have to lift it which ruins the disguise
  • His accordion was huge
  • We apologize now do your job
  • I get really excited...and pull away
  • I was just honkin' it the other day
  • You have to be one with the horn
  • Or Goodwill, if I want to be fancy
  • Use something slippery, lube up the floors
  • This is dog correction school
  • This is Jason's knob, tiny but potent
  • It's like my own, personal Guantanamo Bay
  • The problem is the swaying
  • I tell people I'm being green, but I'm just being cheap
  • Metric Zs
  • Give me the Village People of penises
  • Horrible, insufferable lawyer party.
  • Rackateering, it starts with an "R"
  • I'm all about that Willy

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1273703 2018-04-17T02:37:59Z 2018-04-17T02:38:00Z The Showhole 37: Sex This, Sex That


Holenotes, Chapter One

  • Substantial Pickle (Pre-show Note) (Finalist for episode title)
  • 10 ounces of meat is what I'm callling Jasen from now on (Finalist for episode title)
  • This is what the substantial pickle was in
  • Pickles are like weed for your taste buds
  • Let's see a cross-section of that sandwich!
  • It was O.K. fudge (Finalist for episode title)
  • Fancified dog room
  • I'll get in the cage
  • The Bonnie and Clyde of Podcasting
  • One of you two should hypenate
  • Whip out your littleboy
  • You could hide your weed in there
  • I had weed for a while in Master Chief's head (Finalist for episode title)
  • Double-fistin'
  • I'd rather just drink a beer and not throw up in the mens room
  • He likes watching you put all that meat in your mouth
  • Butter all the way!
  • I like a soft, soft bun (Finalist for episode title)
  • I want to know my activity level
  • Trash talkin' babies
  • I think my head got fat
  • Prepared for action with no accessories on
  • Thank God for the algorithm! (Finalist for episode title)
  • You could do worse than putting your trust in Pornhub (Finalist for episode title)
  • So sorry if you got murdered. Our bad. (Finalist for episode title)
  • That's me really feeling a sandwich (Post-show note)

Holenotes, Chapter Two

  • Let's see a cross-section of that sandwich! (Bonus double-list appearance award)
  • Wow! You got old!
  • Chewers and escape artists
  • A commune of husbands
  • That's better than I can do with my horn
  • Sex this, sex that (Episode Title Winner!)
  • They're cashing your checks and buying hot dogs
  • Prepared for action with no accessories on (Finalist for episode title) (Bonus double-list appearance award)
  • You're probably searching with one hand
  • Martini cockpit

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1268490 2018-04-03T15:32:58Z 2018-04-03T15:32:58Z The Showhole 36: Will You Discreetly Check My Tag?


Holenotes, Chapter One:

  • When the good stuff comes (Holenote from Smooth Sailing recording)
  • It's because I'm not there to turn it on from him
  • My analog emoji
  • No wonder the Chinese are winning
  • Or Dicksnjanes either!
  • The Official Target of the Showhole (Finalist for episode title)
  • That new horn smell (Finalist for episode title)
  • They had both kinds of horns that I like (Finalist for episode title)
  • The church where they see the crazy visions
  • Rarely If I'm really high
  • Heebies AND jeebies (Finalist for episode title)
  • Gummies gotta have a good gum to them
  • The Arbiter of Comedy (Finalist for episode title)
  • The Nutella Crack Addict
  • Will you discreetly check my tag? (Episode Title Winner!)
  • I always gotta go soft
  • Mouth Shrapnel (Finalist for episode title)
  • You're our director of filth! (Finalist for episode title)
  • From tongue to taint
  • Dedication to the storyline
  • This is how the pros do it!
  • It's the worst thing ever. Go listen to it!
  • Fingers to burn

Holenotes, Chapter Two:

  • It's similar to chip licking
  • It's roughage
  • Old lady staples
  • Multiple meth murder
  • It was either meth or Reese's Pieces
  • Rarely, if I'm really high (Bonus double-list appearance award)
  • They're coated in sugar which means they're healthy
  • It's like porn that orthodontists watch
  • Loosen you up from tongue to taint (Bonus double-list appearance award)
  • First you bone, then the board meeting

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1263365 2018-03-20T01:56:41Z 2018-03-20T01:56:41Z The Showhole 35: Eating Her Chip Debris

Recorded 3/19/2018

Incomplete Holenotes:

  • Everything seemed suspiciously warm
  • Those are chips you can just lick the hell out of
  • It didn't pop up
  • Cuss the baby out
  • The Title Show
  • My story is just "I got drunk"
  • There's no room in my purse for a gun (Finalist for episode title)
  • dicksnbuns.edu
  • Can you fit the entire can in your mouth?
  • Eating her chip debris (Episode Title Winner!)
  • You gotta pay attention to what you're doing and all that sh*t
  • My delivery time keeps going up
  • Lick that flavor stain! (Finalist for episode title)
  • I'm a hazelnut spread virgin (Finalist for episode title)
  • Clean Plate Club
  • Bam! Burger!
  • It just got hard
  • Trying to outjaywalk a self-driving car (Finalist for episode title)

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1257425 2018-03-06T03:53:31Z 2018-03-06T03:53:31Z The Showhole 34: A Baby Gate Sounds Like An Excellent Trap For A Giant

Recorded 3/5/2018


  • I don't care how I dress much or grooming
  • She likes a night release
  • I've been eating a lot of burritos lately
  • Cold spicy salad
  • I barely want to put pants on
  • Terrifying and loud
  • I got cookie dough and a bathtub (Finalist for episode title)
  • Too pretty for prison
  • Opiates for the win!
  • Kate & Allie go to prison (Finalist for episode title)
  • In winter you've got to use your bare fists
  • Bill Deys from Windsor. He's pretty jacked! (Finalist for episode title)
  • Free rent! What's the catch?
  • I live in squalor
  • Nude when at home
  • The smell is off-putting
  • The best Pringles flavour is just regular, you monster! (Finalist for episode title)
  • It's nothing sexual
  • Ten out of ten - would recommend
  • Canadian Podcaster Fan Fiction
  • “The usual – regret and time, failure, sadness, a little lime.” (Finalist for episode title)
  • Post-show trash talk
  • Limp!
  • You gotta blow the dust out of two things the same week (Finalist for episode title)
  • The Squalor Bar
  • What's a Joanie Chachi?
  • A baby gate sounds like an excellent trap for a giant (Episode Title Winner!)
  • It was long. It was hard. Now it's in your mouth.
  • The dogs don't like burrito porn
  • I'm not a gold digger. I'm a snack digger. (Finalist for episode title)
  • I can't even find my download counter
  • America harassed me (Post Show Showhole Holenote)
  • Using you as a footstool (Post Show Showhole Holenote)

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1253556 2018-02-27T15:34:02Z 2018-02-27T15:34:03Z The Showhole 33: I'll Burn MiniDiscs For The Yooper

Recorded 2/26/2018


  • Podcamp Legend
  • Strawberries! Eat them a pound at a time!
  • I had a dream about Ken
  • Getting in vans with dudes
  • Sally is automated (Finalist for episode title)
  • B.L.E.V.I.S.
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Shiver Moments
  • T was Sh*t
  • Dairy accumulation
  • I had a burrito that I forgot about (Finalist for episode title)
  • They don't get to be the little spoon
  • You're always going to be the big spoon (Finalist for episode title)
  • I can recommend a onesie brand
  • There might be a little underhead
  • My buddy Barry's podcast
  • Still active. 
  • Sexually?
  • He'll slip into a coma and God will invade his body (Finalist for episode title)
  • We had housekeeping issues to discuss
  • Was it meth?
  • If you don't cuddle, you don't eat
  • Trap Hat (Finalist for episode title)
  • Get the brace
  • Hashtag Nashville Cuddler
  • Another notch on the pillow
  • Well, he got out of helping you move
  • Hashtag Kidney Sling (Finalist for episode title)
  • Backpack full of kidneys (Finalist for episode title)
  • Kidney bindle (Finalist for episode title)
  • You gotta feel bad for the children of podcasters
  • Where the f**k did my horn go?
  • It's all of it
  • I got woke up with a horn honkin' the other day (Finalist for episode title)
  • I haven't had a horn honkin' in years
  • I'll burn MiniDiscs for the Yooper (Episode Title Winner!)
  • The BBanger Core
  • You can't be evil and wear cat pants
  • I do love the onesie
  • The bum rush
  • We've been busy living real life
  • No humping
  • We'll let you have one
  • The Olympics are a scam (Finalist for episode title)
  • The Illuminati does use WhatsApp
  • Regards, X
  • I Ain't No Wide Ruled B*tch
  • The part's mounted to the tub!
  • I'm only on the interwebs
  • The Showhole Burrito Hour
  • Don't expect me to get naked if it's under 40 degrees (Post Show Showhole Holenote)
  • Don't bury the text! (Post Show Showhole Holenote)

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1240082 2018-01-30T03:20:56Z 2018-01-30T03:20:56Z The Showhole 32: In My Darker Moments, I've Had Just Gravy

Recorded 1/29/2018


  • Kibbles is universe
  • This is my art
  • I try to take it easy on the moose outfit - only once a week!
  • I'm going for total D game over here
  • Neither of those are words
  • What is this? Some kind of hornhouse? (Finalist for episode title)
  • Your fingers get all red and gross
  • I'm gonna have to look for that. That sounds stupid.
  • In my darker moments, I've had just gravy (Episode title winner!)
  • We're each half-Canadian
  • When you take the gravy over, just have a look at it.
  • Serious lever action (Finalist for episode title)
  • Hi Ho Neighbor!
  • Chainsaw neighbor
  • I'm gender confused about my chicken (Finalist for episode title)
  • You're doing a great job selling it!
  • I wanted them to hit me because it was a really nice car
  • Settlement check
  • Austria 1939 (Finalist for episode title)
  • He has some serious stamina
  • His default search engine is Pornhub
  • I don't mind riding Sally

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1231209 2018-01-13T02:48:12Z 2018-01-13T02:48:12Z The Showhole 31: Double Fist the Honker and the Whistle

Recorded 1/12/2018


  • It kicks you in the mouth
  • A moment of clarity
  • Podcasting Viagra
  • Hit me with pleasure
  • Freakishly Large Penis
  • The Tickler
  • I know nothing about massage
  • What are the rules of sh*thole? (Finalist for episode title)
  • This should be a good show
  • Toxic Masculinity
  • Shut your hole, Bront! (Finalist for episode title)
  • Truth bomb
  • What's embarrassing is when you have to read your own dumb sh*t
  • Canada's permenately iced in
  • It was hailing into my eyeballs
  • Wash the dishes by hand and shut your face!
  • Schnoz flipper
  • Double Fist the Honker and the Whistle (Title winner)
  • If this other things works out, you're off the market!
  • I've seen that at least twice in twenty-five years
  • I didn't come here from judgment, Bront
  • I guess they found a new thing to whiten
  • The principles of mint (Finalist for episode title)
  • Emotional freedom tapping (https://eft.mercola.com/)
  • Tapping for your brain
  • Your own personal nude lockscreen
  • I guess I do have to be creepy (Finalist for episode title)
  • You guys suck at coming up with titles
  • I was first and now I'm nothing
  • Where can people find your dumb book you wrote? (http://blog.aliencg.com/)
  • Skydiving with the Freemasons (Post-show comment)

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1223454 2017-12-29T03:47:55Z 2017-12-29T03:47:55Z The Showhole 30: The Truth Moose

Recorded 12/28/2017


  • Moon denier
  • That’s why we stopped following him on Facebook
  • The ultimate nerd experience
  • I did not see Hot Fuzz
  • Apparently I’m a Furry now
  • They were the best!
  • It’s a little on the nose for a pony name (Finalist for episode title)
  • Brent says porn star
  • Mom and Dad’s meat slicer
  • I don’t have any pearls
  • Pretty excited about the socks
  • That’s a sweet tail
  • What do ya got on under that moose suit? (Finalist for episode title)
  • I only did one turkey
  • My horns are drooping
  • I’m just testing the Furry waters (Finalist for episode title)
  • My mom’s place has an exquisite washroom (Finalist for episode title)
  • Use a toothpick!
  • Morris the Moose
  • Anything stuffed with cheese is pretty good by my books
  • Vibrating seat
  • Jedi’s suck. Dark Power all the way! (Finalist for episode title)
  • I got my package and left
  • Ken’s gonna love this one
  • You don’t get the dog metal?
  • I could wear my moose onesie
  • I’m ferocious with these horns!
  • Super cool up in this hizzy (Finalist for episode title)
  • Just like America
  • No dong holing around my mom!
  • The truth moose (Post-show comment) (Title winner)
  • We didn’t use our honkers once!! (Post-show comment)
  • I’m looking for a CD because I’m going to destroy it (Post-show comment)
  • Why are you being such a b*tch? (Post-show comment)

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1216041 2017-12-13T13:30:20Z 2017-12-13T13:30:21Z The Showhole 29: When You Lick It Too Much, It Gets Moist

Recorded 12/12/2017


  • Showcoregapage (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • I'll remember this since I'm paying for your dinners
  • The bow just gets in the way
  • Al's back door
  • Canada has everything!
  • I can't believe I finished that. I'm disgusting!
  • The icing's made of sadness
  • I'm glad I'm wearing stretch pants today
  • This is Candice's favorite part
  • The 70's were awesome and dangerous!
  • I'm not gonna choke on 11 chips!
  • Chip bits all over the f**kin' desk
  • Pringles shrapnel everywhere
  • #howmanypringlescanyoufitinyourmouth (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • I'll eat them all
  • And Brent will lick them all
  • It's the last song on Hooray for Boobies (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • I love me some Dilbert
  • Don't give my solutions away!
  • Instead of shout outs, we'll do call outs
  • You work with the booze you got! (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • Old gross memes
  • When you lick it too much, it gets moist (Winner for Episode Title)
  • That's how Jesus works! (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • It makes me proud to be American
  • I'm losing less bad every time
  • This is hard!
  • Wikipedia editing is for losers
  • Don't touch it! It will update!
  • Responsible-ish


tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1209030 2017-11-28T13:16:05Z 2017-11-28T13:16:05Z The Showhole 28: Haunted by Angry Jesus

Recorded 11/27/2017

Holenotes (Mini Edition):

  • How many kidneys do you have?
  • Big meaty delicious organs (2nd place contender for episode title!)
  • That's some slick lookin' meat!
  • Thanksgiving Thunderdome
  • Haunted by Angry Jesus (Episode title winner!)
  • The lube I'm lookin' for!
  • Enormous Sneakers (3rd place contender for episode title!)

tag:theshowhole.com,2013:Post/1205469 2017-11-15T13:55:47Z 2017-11-15T13:55:47Z The Showhole 27: Metaphorical Woo Hoo

Recorded 11/14/2017

Return of the Holenotes!

  • Windows CK
  • Metaphorical Woo Hoo (Episode Title Winner!)
  • Here is your bib, ma'am
  • McDonald's - Taste the Disappointment
  • Chicken in between the beef
  • Gangbang in your mouth
  • At least I don't have cancer
  • There's something not right there
  • Blowing the homeless
  • Ina-POPE-priate
  • Half-Popeye
  • More crispy than crunchy
  • He likes big cups!
  • He cannot lie!
  • Completely foreign to me
  • A good crossover
  • Really bad French accent
  • Those people!
  • I just thought you were miming