the showhole 0016: zencastrdisaster

Recorded 6/13/2017


It's the first (and probably last) time we tried recording this in Zencastr. Things did not go so great. Brent's file was about seven minutes shorter than ours. I thought, that's OK, he'll be gone for either seven minutes at the beginning or end of the podcast. Wrong! There were gaps all through the show. I have no idea how that happened. It would go fine for five minutes and then Brent would be thirty seconds ahead of us. Also, Jasen and I have audio drops all through the show. 

I was tempted to trash this but I decided, hey, what a great ad for this podcasting software. I might as well piece it together as well as I could and just put it out there. So, enjoy all of the weird, awkward silences spread around all three of us. We were actually saying things, I promise!

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Pictured: The crack team of engineers that made this episode possible.