the showhole 0020: i should have showed her my horn

Recorded 7/19/2017


  • Experiment in the back
  • From the back of a refridgerated trailer
  • A Porn Stache and a Flannel Shirt
  • She loves it when she gets the PAG
  • Re-rendering my man parts
  • Trying to do a podcast with Salvador Dali
  • Bob Nudehart
  • Was your poop red?
  • Hangers on to the hole
  • We're laying on the ground now
  • How's your muscle doin'?
  • Money's money!
  • Is it stuck to your hands?
  • It's the worst movie ever made. It's the best.
  • My band is thick
  • Put it in quotes!
  • We should just end it all right now
  • My feeds have changed
  • I like underscores!