the showhole 0024: it's fun when we get meta!

Recorded 9/18/2017


·        Show us your burrito

·        It’s always on a Friday

·        I’m in therapy now. Again.

·        Classic steak

·        I’m sorry you lost your job or whatever but this is a really good burrito

·        Look at you with your job privilege!

·        Have you thought about applying at the morgue?

·        The wrong usage of your

·        Where does it say “not a sex thing”

·        No time for anything sexy

·        Brad Nails

·        This is like a bizarre game of Would You Rather

·        This topic is depressing

·        Just another Easter at Jason’s house!

·        Harbinger is a great word

·        We’ll give the apocalypse another chance

·        No one’s gonna listen!

·        It’s every two weeks-ish

·        Making those mouth holes – that had to be pretty tough

·        I assure you – I was NOT a tester

·        Pee all over like cats

·        It was a lot of feces, man!

·        That’s how you should have left your job

·        He was forced to do cocaine

·        You don’t want to be rude

·        Our usual Christmas usually ends with a cock fight

·        Some sort of weird Festivus

·        I bet there’s a girl named Autumn Mix

·        It was educational

·        It’s a good thing the world’s ending on September 23rd

·        Pull a Pew Die Pie

·        Sexbots on Twitter

·        People are terrible

·        Professional wind instrument person

·        Little tiny air horn

·        I don’t see blood. It’s cool.

·        Computers came ahead of the sex

·        Pizza based erotica

·        It does look like a bug

·        I know my kids toys

·        The new ones aren’t as exciting as the old 1970’s version

·        The number one show with bots

·        Pornbots love us!

·        It’s fun when we get meta

·        That sounds like him

·        Something was pretty Airwolf

·        Dodging missiles

·        You done got the consumption!

·        Ya’ll got that anthrax up there in Canada?

·        You never see people at Waffle House get anthrax

·        Syrup chuggin’

·        Gentlemen

·        Lady

·        Fifteen minutes after Columbo

·        Jessica Fletcher/Columbo fan fiction

·        Bookmark that for later

·        How bad could it be?

·        aliencg69

·        Pornhub reptilians

·        Reptilian lust