The Showhole 35: Eating Her Chip Debris

Recorded 3/19/2018

Incomplete Holenotes:

  • Everything seemed suspiciously warm
  • Those are chips you can just lick the hell out of
  • It didn't pop up
  • Cuss the baby out
  • The Title Show
  • My story is just "I got drunk"
  • There's no room in my purse for a gun (Finalist for episode title)
  • Can you fit the entire can in your mouth?
  • Eating her chip debris (Episode Title Winner!)
  • You gotta pay attention to what you're doing and all that sh*t
  • My delivery time keeps going up
  • Lick that flavor stain! (Finalist for episode title)
  • I'm a hazelnut spread virgin (Finalist for episode title)
  • Clean Plate Club
  • Bam! Burger!
  • It just got hard
  • Trying to outjaywalk a self-driving car (Finalist for episode title)