the showhole 0011: creamy white horn



  • New podcasting hat
  • We don't need no stinkin' feeds!
  • A new podcast: "Oil Life Remaining"
  • Refinance it!
  • Jasen tries the All-Dressed Ruffles
  • Dave went there!!
  • Brent's phone was abducted by a former high school track star
  • Wrong Richard Hatch
  • The S is for Smoke
  • A Tasty Beverage
  • Hillbilly Bell Thieves
  • Brent is going to be on The Elephant and The Irishman
  • Super Mario Run SUCKS!
  • Super Mario Run is the Jimmy @BuffettOf Flappy Bird
  • Toronto: Pissin' rain all day
  • Brent is a big fan of diarrhea
  • Hit and run
  • Everything in Tennessee sounds like a horse
  • Brent fondles his horn ball
  • Cup it!
  • Lotion and Towels for lunch
  • Baseball
  • Don Rickles
  • The 'Ol Ticker
  • Brent loves him some @TheShowhole Twitter!
  • The Blind Gamer
  • No one wants to steal flip phones
  • The Grid
  • 3AM pee time
  • The Old Showhole Mailbag!
  • From @cinn48: 24 New Entries to the Dictionary of Canadianisms (We cover a few!)
  • The French Phone Thief

the showhole 0010: home of the all-night methfast

23 march 2017


the showhole 0009: i just lick 'em and put 'em in a pile

13 march 2017


  • R.I.P. Jasen's Noise Maker (2017-2017)
  • One burrito for my baby and one burrito for the road
  • Brent's drill gets left out in plain sight
  • Our first in-studio Showhole musician - coming soon!
  • Chip Review, Part One: The Salty Menace
  • The New Gapage aka Showhole for Seniors
  • Ghost sex with Ansel Adams
  • Famous Dog Bands of Cleveland
  • Daylight Saving Time controversy
  • It's the Showhole, not the Braghole
  • Chip Review, Part Two: The Chippening
  • Brent is a chip licker
  • "I used it on a podcast" - the most pathetic phrase ever said
  • We gave up taste and decency for Lent