The Showhole 31: Double Fist the Honker and the Whistle

Recorded 1/12/2018


  • It kicks you in the mouth
  • A moment of clarity
  • Podcasting Viagra
  • Hit me with pleasure
  • Freakishly Large Penis
  • The Tickler
  • I know nothing about massage
  • What are the rules of sh*thole? (Finalist for episode title)
  • This should be a good show
  • Toxic Masculinity
  • Shut your hole, Bront! (Finalist for episode title)
  • Truth bomb
  • What's embarrassing is when you have to read your own dumb sh*t
  • Canada's permenately iced in
  • It was hailing into my eyeballs
  • Wash the dishes by hand and shut your face!
  • Schnoz flipper
  • Double Fist the Honker and the Whistle (Title winner)
  • If this other things works out, you're off the market!
  • I've seen that at least twice in twenty-five years
  • I didn't come here from judgment, Bront
  • I guess they found a new thing to whiten
  • The principles of mint (Finalist for episode title)
  • Emotional freedom tapping (
  • Tapping for your brain
  • Your own personal nude lockscreen
  • I guess I do have to be creepy (Finalist for episode title)
  • You guys suck at coming up with titles
  • I was first and now I'm nothing
  • Where can people find your dumb book you wrote? (
  • Skydiving with the Freemasons (Post-show comment)

The Showhole 30: The Truth Moose

Recorded 12/28/2017


  • Moon denier
  • That’s why we stopped following him on Facebook
  • The ultimate nerd experience
  • I did not see Hot Fuzz
  • Apparently I’m a Furry now
  • They were the best!
  • It’s a little on the nose for a pony name (Finalist for episode title)
  • Brent says porn star
  • Mom and Dad’s meat slicer
  • I don’t have any pearls
  • Pretty excited about the socks
  • That’s a sweet tail
  • What do ya got on under that moose suit? (Finalist for episode title)
  • I only did one turkey
  • My horns are drooping
  • I’m just testing the Furry waters (Finalist for episode title)
  • My mom’s place has an exquisite washroom (Finalist for episode title)
  • Use a toothpick!
  • Morris the Moose
  • Anything stuffed with cheese is pretty good by my books
  • Vibrating seat
  • Jedi’s suck. Dark Power all the way! (Finalist for episode title)
  • I got my package and left
  • Ken’s gonna love this one
  • You don’t get the dog metal?
  • I could wear my moose onesie
  • I’m ferocious with these horns!
  • Super cool up in this hizzy (Finalist for episode title)
  • Just like America
  • No dong holing around my mom!
  • The truth moose (Post-show comment) (Title winner)
  • We didn’t use our honkers once!! (Post-show comment)
  • I’m looking for a CD because I’m going to destroy it (Post-show comment)
  • Why are you being such a b*tch? (Post-show comment)

The Showhole 29: When You Lick It Too Much, It Gets Moist

Recorded 12/12/2017


  • Showcoregapage (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • I'll remember this since I'm paying for your dinners
  • The bow just gets in the way
  • Al's back door
  • Canada has everything!
  • I can't believe I finished that. I'm disgusting!
  • The icing's made of sadness
  • I'm glad I'm wearing stretch pants today
  • This is Candice's favorite part
  • The 70's were awesome and dangerous!
  • I'm not gonna choke on 11 chips!
  • Chip bits all over the f**kin' desk
  • Pringles shrapnel everywhere
  • #howmanypringlescanyoufitinyourmouth (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • I'll eat them all
  • And Brent will lick them all
  • It's the last song on Hooray for Boobies (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • I love me some Dilbert
  • Don't give my solutions away!
  • Instead of shout outs, we'll do call outs
  • You work with the booze you got! (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • Old gross memes
  • When you lick it too much, it gets moist (Winner for Episode Title)
  • That's how Jesus works! (Finalist for Episode Title)
  • It makes me proud to be American
  • I'm losing less bad every time
  • This is hard!
  • Wikipedia editing is for losers
  • Don't touch it! It will update!
  • Responsible-ish


The Showhole 27: Metaphorical Woo Hoo

Recorded 11/14/2017

Return of the Holenotes!

  • Windows CK
  • Metaphorical Woo Hoo (Episode Title Winner!)
  • Here is your bib, ma'am
  • McDonald's - Taste the Disappointment
  • Chicken in between the beef
  • Gangbang in your mouth
  • At least I don't have cancer
  • There's something not right there
  • Blowing the homeless
  • Ina-POPE-priate
  • Half-Popeye
  • More crispy than crunchy
  • He likes big cups!
  • He cannot lie!
  • Completely foreign to me
  • A good crossover
  • Really bad French accent
  • Those people!
  • I just thought you were miming