The Showhole 53: The Old Gum Job



  • Wet Like a Denture Cup
  • Keep Eatin' Those Chips
  • Shouldn't cost a lot to get drunk
  • There's not a quota around here
  • He doesn't have clean pays
  • Probiotic Gummies
  • Floaty Drink Holder
  • Podcasts are sooooo boring!
  • Grown Ass Storycast
  • He has dentures!
  • Dental prophylactic
  • The Old Gum Job
  • Do you know what we could put in those holes?
  • Slipping them to my enemies
  • Milton Berle's Penis
  • I like your pussy, Brent
  • Your grandma's filthy?
  • Imply that I like to nap
  • Weird, dumb numbers
  • You drank my teeth!
  • Beer Olympian
  • Snack Mule
  • Velour and hats
  • I'd come out ahead with the insurance fraud
  • Please don't touch my fence
  • We know you voted Republican