The Showhole 38: This is a Bad Show

Recorded 4/30/2018

Condensed Holenotes:

  • He popped his nose off
  • I have to lift it which ruins the disguise
  • His accordion was huge
  • We apologize now do your job
  • I get really excited...and pull away
  • I was just honkin' it the other day
  • You have to be one with the horn
  • Or Goodwill, if I want to be fancy
  • Use something slippery, lube up the floors
  • This is dog correction school
  • This is Jason's knob, tiny but potent
  • It's like my own, personal Guantanamo Bay
  • The problem is the swaying
  • I tell people I'm being green, but I'm just being cheap
  • Metric Zs
  • Give me the Village People of penises
  • Horrible, insufferable lawyer party.
  • Rackateering, it starts with an "R"
  • I'm all about that Willy

The Showhole 37: Sex This, Sex That


Holenotes, Chapter One

  • Substantial Pickle (Pre-show Note) (Finalist for episode title)
  • 10 ounces of meat is what I'm callling Jasen from now on (Finalist for episode title)
  • This is what the substantial pickle was in
  • Pickles are like weed for your taste buds
  • Let's see a cross-section of that sandwich!
  • It was O.K. fudge (Finalist for episode title)
  • Fancified dog room
  • I'll get in the cage
  • The Bonnie and Clyde of Podcasting
  • One of you two should hypenate
  • Whip out your littleboy
  • You could hide your weed in there
  • I had weed for a while in Master Chief's head (Finalist for episode title)
  • Double-fistin'
  • I'd rather just drink a beer and not throw up in the mens room
  • He likes watching you put all that meat in your mouth
  • Butter all the way!
  • I like a soft, soft bun (Finalist for episode title)
  • I want to know my activity level
  • Trash talkin' babies
  • I think my head got fat
  • Prepared for action with no accessories on
  • Thank God for the algorithm! (Finalist for episode title)
  • You could do worse than putting your trust in Pornhub (Finalist for episode title)
  • So sorry if you got murdered. Our bad. (Finalist for episode title)
  • That's me really feeling a sandwich (Post-show note)

Holenotes, Chapter Two

  • Let's see a cross-section of that sandwich! (Bonus double-list appearance award)
  • Wow! You got old!
  • Chewers and escape artists
  • A commune of husbands
  • That's better than I can do with my horn
  • Sex this, sex that (Episode Title Winner!)
  • They're cashing your checks and buying hot dogs
  • Prepared for action with no accessories on (Finalist for episode title) (Bonus double-list appearance award)
  • You're probably searching with one hand
  • Martini cockpit

The Showhole 36: Will You Discreetly Check My Tag?


Holenotes, Chapter One:

  • When the good stuff comes (Holenote from Smooth Sailing recording)
  • It's because I'm not there to turn it on from him
  • My analog emoji
  • No wonder the Chinese are winning
  • Or Dicksnjanes either!
  • The Official Target of the Showhole (Finalist for episode title)
  • That new horn smell (Finalist for episode title)
  • They had both kinds of horns that I like (Finalist for episode title)
  • The church where they see the crazy visions
  • Rarely If I'm really high
  • Heebies AND jeebies (Finalist for episode title)
  • Gummies gotta have a good gum to them
  • The Arbiter of Comedy (Finalist for episode title)
  • The Nutella Crack Addict
  • Will you discreetly check my tag? (Episode Title Winner!)
  • I always gotta go soft
  • Mouth Shrapnel (Finalist for episode title)
  • You're our director of filth! (Finalist for episode title)
  • From tongue to taint
  • Dedication to the storyline
  • This is how the pros do it!
  • It's the worst thing ever. Go listen to it!
  • Fingers to burn

Holenotes, Chapter Two:

  • It's similar to chip licking
  • It's roughage
  • Old lady staples
  • Multiple meth murder
  • It was either meth or Reese's Pieces
  • Rarely, if I'm really high (Bonus double-list appearance award)
  • They're coated in sugar which means they're healthy
  • It's like porn that orthodontists watch
  • Loosen you up from tongue to taint (Bonus double-list appearance award)
  • First you bone, then the board meeting

The Showhole 35: Eating Her Chip Debris

Recorded 3/19/2018

Incomplete Holenotes:

  • Everything seemed suspiciously warm
  • Those are chips you can just lick the hell out of
  • It didn't pop up
  • Cuss the baby out
  • The Title Show
  • My story is just "I got drunk"
  • There's no room in my purse for a gun (Finalist for episode title)
  • Can you fit the entire can in your mouth?
  • Eating her chip debris (Episode Title Winner!)
  • You gotta pay attention to what you're doing and all that sh*t
  • My delivery time keeps going up
  • Lick that flavor stain! (Finalist for episode title)
  • I'm a hazelnut spread virgin (Finalist for episode title)
  • Clean Plate Club
  • Bam! Burger!
  • It just got hard
  • Trying to outjaywalk a self-driving car (Finalist for episode title)

The Showhole 34: A Baby Gate Sounds Like An Excellent Trap For A Giant

Recorded 3/5/2018


  • I don't care how I dress much or grooming
  • She likes a night release
  • I've been eating a lot of burritos lately
  • Cold spicy salad
  • I barely want to put pants on
  • Terrifying and loud
  • I got cookie dough and a bathtub (Finalist for episode title)
  • Too pretty for prison
  • Opiates for the win!
  • Kate & Allie go to prison (Finalist for episode title)
  • In winter you've got to use your bare fists
  • Bill Deys from Windsor. He's pretty jacked! (Finalist for episode title)
  • Free rent! What's the catch?
  • I live in squalor
  • Nude when at home
  • The smell is off-putting
  • The best Pringles flavour is just regular, you monster! (Finalist for episode title)
  • It's nothing sexual
  • Ten out of ten - would recommend
  • Canadian Podcaster Fan Fiction
  • “The usual – regret and time, failure, sadness, a little lime.” (Finalist for episode title)
  • Post-show trash talk
  • Limp!
  • You gotta blow the dust out of two things the same week (Finalist for episode title)
  • The Squalor Bar
  • What's a Joanie Chachi?
  • A baby gate sounds like an excellent trap for a giant (Episode Title Winner!)
  • It was long. It was hard. Now it's in your mouth.
  • The dogs don't like burrito porn
  • I'm not a gold digger. I'm a snack digger. (Finalist for episode title)
  • I can't even find my download counter
  • America harassed me (Post Show Showhole Holenote)
  • Using you as a footstool (Post Show Showhole Holenote)