the showhole 0021: put that mr. big in your mouth. let me watch.

Recorded 8/1/2017


  • Podcasting sex dungeon
  • We are recording right now
  • You just wait until you get Mr. Big in your mouth
  • Podcasting hammock
  • Meth central
  • I paid my testicle bill!
  • We'll be doing it on shortwave
  • Aloha chair
  • Full man-sized adult onesie
  • I just want to smell like it
  • I'm such a beast!
  • My life IS a lull
  • You cracker!
  • Ruffled for her pleasure
  • That bag really gets around
  • Four feet tall and oblong
  • You got a gold digger sitting next to you!
  • That's a beautiful blouse you're wearing
  • Fad ruiner
  • It's sweet when you lick it
  • Can't you just taste the colonialism?
  • That must be why they're so salty
  • The frackin' best water
  • "Actually" - @aliencg
  • It's been a lame week
  • Cybertronic Spree
  • Those don't sound like dogs
  • The Upper Crust
  • B-List chocolate bar
  • Listen to The Showhole. We sound like sh*t.
  • Design tips
  • Brent.World - the premiere social network for Brents
  • I deserved it!
  • The patriarchy has won tonight!
  • PornHub is his home page
  • Potato chip themed things
  • A good combination of fetishes

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the showhole 0020: i should have showed her my horn

Recorded 7/19/2017


  • Experiment in the back
  • From the back of a refridgerated trailer
  • A Porn Stache and a Flannel Shirt
  • She loves it when she gets the PAG
  • Re-rendering my man parts
  • Trying to do a podcast with Salvador Dali
  • Bob Nudehart
  • Was your poop red?
  • Hangers on to the hole
  • We're laying on the ground now
  • How's your muscle doin'?
  • Money's money!
  • Is it stuck to your hands?
  • It's the worst movie ever made. It's the best.
  • My band is thick
  • Put it in quotes!
  • We should just end it all right now
  • My feeds have changed
  • I like underscores!

theshowhole 0018: showhole communion (live at MMPR 2017)

Recorded live at MMPR in Hamilton, Ontario on 7/8/2017


Candice joins Jasen and Brent for a conversation that ranks on the vulgarity scale somewhere between the script of Porky's Revenge and the section on how to check the oil in the manual for my 1999 Buick Regal.

Alternate titles considered for this episode included:

  • Crude and Southern
  • Provention
  • We Forgot Our Sound Effects
  • Sight Gags Are The Best
  • Chips to Donuts
  • Appropriate Mouth Feel
  • Sink a Little Lower
  • The Slogan is Burritos
  • Onion Dip
  • Roberts Rules
  • A Good Licking Chip
  • A Lot of Poutine
  • How Do You Make Fudge?
  • Do I Look Like a Scientist?
  • Fudge Factory Audio
  • The Funnier Version of Me

the showhole 0017: the bra of responsibility

Recorded 6/26/2017


Heavy D joins Jasen, Brent and Jason for a excursion into insanity that rivals any European trip you could imagine. 

Alternate titles considered for this show included:

  • Six Bags of Bizarre Flavours (spelled the Canadian way for Brent)
  • Tastes Like Zhit
  • Fun to Lick
  • Fast Food Darth Vader
  • Tastes Like Burnt Tire
  • This Weird Texture is Normal
  • Other Breaded Dinners
  • Erupting on my Keyboard
  • This Show is All Titles
  • Normal, Nice Texture
  • I Miss Screwin' in Parks

Bonus link: The Tennis Boning Video

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the showhole 0016: zencastrdisaster

Recorded 6/13/2017


It's the first (and probably last) time we tried recording this in Zencastr. Things did not go so great. Brent's file was about seven minutes shorter than ours. I thought, that's OK, he'll be gone for either seven minutes at the beginning or end of the podcast. Wrong! There were gaps all through the show. I have no idea how that happened. It would go fine for five minutes and then Brent would be thirty seconds ahead of us. Also, Jasen and I have audio drops all through the show. 

I was tempted to trash this but I decided, hey, what a great ad for this podcasting software. I might as well piece it together as well as I could and just put it out there. So, enjoy all of the weird, awkward silences spread around all three of us. We were actually saying things, I promise!

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Pictured: The crack team of engineers that made this episode possible.