the showhole 0014: a great shame

Recorded 5/22/2017


"Yes, I'm a Colonel. I'm fabulously rich. I am a magnate of the restaurant industry, my dear, the king of an empire that I built with my bare hands. I took a sabbatical from my duties in order to see the world, see what else could possibly be out there, and on the course of my journey I found what I was looking for."

Her heart fluttered wildly in the space of his pauses. In spite of everything, she found herself hanging on his every word. 

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the showhole 0012: double fistin' cookies (now with frosting)


(An audio issue in the original posting has been corrected)


The holenotes took a ton of time. So did editing this podcast. That's why I've decided to do both differently. How? First, instead of going through the episode minute by minute and taking meticulous notes for the holenotes, I am going to write whatever I want for each episode. Maybe it will sort of make sense, like this week. Maybe I will write about my favorite brand of toilet paper. Who knows. Second, instead of going through the episode minute by minute meticulously editing, I'm going to take a quick pass (also know as the good ole college try) to clean some things up and add in some sound clips that may or may not have anything to do with the actual things we have discussed in the episode. Basically, whatever I have an idea to throw in there is what you're going to get. Also, the embarassing stuff I normally edit out stays in! The burps, farts, inappropriate personal insults and borderline gross XXX comments - you get it all unless it was so truly horrible that I wrote down on my index card that it absolutely, positively has to go!

What does all of this mean for you, the listener? You'll get the episode a lot faster. That's great, right? Sure, it will be a bit sloppier and a lot less polished. So what? You're not coming here for perfection. You're coming here for a tiny escape from the drudgery that is your boring life. Face it, that's what you want, that's what you need and, by golly, that's what you're going to get.

Our staff of loonies this week:

JasenBrentHeavy D, and Mr. Preparation H with Aloe.

The alternate titles considered for this episode were:

  • Smoke More Pot!
  • Bi-curious Knife Play Phase

the showhole 0011: creamy white horn



  • New podcasting hat
  • We don't need no stinkin' feeds!
  • A new podcast: "Oil Life Remaining"
  • Refinance it!
  • Jasen tries the All-Dressed Ruffles
  • Dave went there!!
  • Brent's phone was abducted by a former high school track star
  • Wrong Richard Hatch
  • The S is for Smoke
  • A Tasty Beverage
  • Hillbilly Bell Thieves
  • Brent is going to be on The Elephant and The Irishman
  • Super Mario Run SUCKS!
  • Super Mario Run is the Jimmy @BuffettOf Flappy Bird
  • Toronto: Pissin' rain all day
  • Brent is a big fan of diarrhea
  • Hit and run
  • Everything in Tennessee sounds like a horse
  • Brent fondles his horn ball
  • Cup it!
  • Lotion and Towels for lunch
  • Baseball
  • Don Rickles
  • The 'Ol Ticker
  • Brent loves him some @TheShowhole Twitter!
  • The Blind Gamer
  • No one wants to steal flip phones
  • The Grid
  • 3AM pee time
  • The Old Showhole Mailbag!
  • From @cinn48: 24 New Entries to the Dictionary of Canadianisms (We cover a few!)
  • The French Phone Thief